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Posted by Peter Ng on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 2:05pm.


After buying a new property, many people feel excited to decorate it. Decorating and designing your property on your own is a fun-filled journey. You need to bring out your creativity and work it with the latest trends in home décor, turning your property into a beautiful home. When decorating your bedroom, you have endless options.

You can play with different themes, colors, designs, and much more. You have the freedom to create a room just like you had pictured for years. Decorating your bedroom can be overwhelming but it also takes a lot of effort. You need to stay in touch with the latest trends in interior designs and at the same time use affordable products. Read on to find out more about the recent trend in bedroom décor and create your own masterpiece.


The first thing that you need to decide when decorating your bedroom is the theme you would be following. You can either follow a single theme or create your own style. There are a variety of themes that you can follow that will make your room look incredible. Some of the most popular themes to follow for this season are:

  1. British inspired theme – this theme is a rather simple one that is an adaptation from the British style.
  2. Striped theme – this theme has patterns of thick and thin stripes varying in colors.
  3. Pastel color themes – pastel color themes include furniture and walls colored in pastel or subtle colors.
  4. Vintage theme – this theme is based upon the vintage style and incorporated elements that promote the past.
  5. Glamorous theme – this is a rather exciting theme that involves a lot of creativity and color play.
  6. Patterned theme – one of the more popular themes this season is the patterned theme that includes different patterns on walls, bedding, decorations, etc.
  7. Vibrant theme – this theme includes pops of colors, prints, and decorations.

There are a number of other themes that you can choose for your bedroom. You can also create your own theme by adding element that you admire hence giving your room a personalized feel.


After theme, the most important thing to consider for your bedroom décor is the decoration items. Don’t choose over fancy items that will cost you a lot instead pick up a few things that will do the job. Even a single colored picture frame or painting on a wall can serve as a focal point and make your room look attractive. Play a little with colors and try painting a single wall and decorate it with abstract designs, flowers, etc.


Do not ever go overboard with your bedroom décor. Always keep the décor classy and yet fabulous. If you are following a patterned theme than make sure you don’t add too much pattern. You want the place to look calm and comforting and not chaotic. Apart from keeping it simple, you also need to play a little with your imagination. Bring your creativity forward and design a room that is personalized. Use different patterns, colors, and styles and create a unique bedroom.




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